New to Yoga and to Satya Yoga?


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Satya Yoga Studios has a great Intro Offer: 30 day pass for UNLIMITED yoga at 30$ . Its a great way to get started. Intro passe allows you to try every class and teacher on our schedule. The Intro Pass is for consecutive days after first class. We offer a wide variety of Yoga and Pilates classes that all have their special touch! Taking just one class is not enough to understand how much Satya Yoga has to offer you.


Benefits of Yoga and Pilates

With a regular YogaPilates practice you will develop a strong, toned body, as you learn to relax and focus your mind. Great fitness and stress relief all in one!

What Style Is Right For Me?

Satya Introduction, Satya Iyengar, Satya Gentle, Satya Yin, Satya 1 Hot yoga are great classes to start. The moderate pace of a Gentle Hatha class makes it easy for you to follow along. We have students new to yoga in each and every class. There is no need to feel shy; we’re here to help you get off to a great start! Simply arrive 15 minutes early to any scheduled class and we’ll be happy to show you around and introduce you to your teacher.

Talk to us!

We are always open to learning new and better ways to serve the community, so please don’t hesitate to share your questions and comments with us. We can help you select a stronger or gentler class as required. Our knowledgeable team of Yoga advisors and expert teachers want to help you achieve your personal health goals. If a class suggested doesn’t feel right for you please let us know. With over 50 classes per week featuring all styles of yoga, and 14 experienced teachers, we are committed to finding you the right fit. Our classes run 7 days a week, in our beautiful modern facilities (Sutton and Bromont) designed to create the perfect community for you to shape your body, and calm your mind. You can reach us by phone, 579-589-0162, email or stop by and see us in person.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

Yes. Always better to bring your own. Mats are provided at Satya Yoga for a rental fee of 2$. All yoga props such as blocks, bolsters and straps are provided free of charge. If you are attending a HOT Yoga class please remember to bring 2 towels, one for your mat and one for your shower after class.

Do I have to pre-register for class?

It’s preferable to do so in advance via our website/branded app. Some classes gets fulled up quickly. All regular classes at Satya Yoga are open for drop in. Please arrive 15 minutes before class so that we can familiarize you with our studio.

Do I need to bring water?

Yes. Please bring your own water bottle so that we can collectively minimize our carbon footprint on the environment. But if you foget  no worries Satya Yoga provides water for a 1$ fee.

What do I wear?

Yoga is practiced in bare feet, and in comfortable clothing. Layers are recommended, as you will warm up and cool down over the duration of the class. Throw on something comfy and come join us!

What if I arrive late to class?

The front door to the studio can be locked from inside at the time the class starts. Latecomers will not be able to attend class. For everyone’s benefit including your own, please do your best to arrive on time.

satya yoga sutton

satya yoga sutton

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Let's Talk!

We're here to help. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Sutton Studio: 579-589-0162

Bromont Studio: 579-589-0162